POP UP-ALERT , less risk of an accident !

POP UP-ALERT systems are collision avoidance systems that could keep you out of an accident or save your life or the life of others.  The principle of the POP UP-ALERT is based on warning other drivers that speed is reduced. The patented POP UP-ALERT technology is now available for all types of motor vehicles, vessels and other means of transport.


In the case of motor vehicles other drivers are only warned by the brake lights if a speed reduction is a result of the use of the brakes. Speed reduction by giving less gas or by engine braking will not activate the brake lights of the vehicles. Specially in these circumstances, there is an increase of risk to get involved in an accident.


If you ride a motorcycle, you need  POP UP-ALERT BIKE . Many bikers believe POP UP-ALERT has saved their lives or prevented them from being involved in major accidents. At the current traffic volume bikers need an automatic, motion-activated, super-bright,  early warning light system to alert trailing and near-by motorists when you are slowing down....even when you are not using your brakes or if you never use your brakes !

 For Trucks and trailers there is the  POP UP-ALERT TRUCK and the POP-UP-RECT14.

The different variants makes it possible to choose the right solution for each type of truck or trailer. That can range from a standalone warning light (POP-UP-RECT14), a third brake light or full integration with the original brake lights of the vehicle (POP UP-ALERT TRUCK).


The risk of an accident on water is even higher, because most of the boats, yachts, skies or other marine vessels has no brake lights or other warning lights in case of speed reduction. Rear-end collisions happens too often, resulting in extensive damage to watercraft, injuries and fatalities. Until now, it has been difficult to alert others following you when you are suddenly slowing down or about to stop. With the introduction of  the POP UP-ALERT MARINE this problem is solved. The POP UP-ALERT MARINE alerts other watercraft users following you when you are suddenly slowing down or coming to a complete stop.

In general, the drivers of following vehicles keeps insufficient distance to held  in case of a substantial speed reduction or emergency stop.  The advanced technology of the POP UP-ALERT activates brake lights or warning lights SECONDS before using the brakes. These precious seconds saves life’s !